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Proven Industry Innovator

ResolveROI is a privately held Release of Information (ROI) support company located in Atlanta, GA and founded by a team of executives that each have almost 20 years of ROI experience. With client-centric solutions that maximize data security, improve staff productivity and increase revenue, ResolveROI exceeds client expectations.

In addition to world-class technology and a more logical revenue model, client support is another area in which ResolveROI leads the industry. Our experienced team of professionals are available 24/7 - with the ability to delivery results - to any client need. Detailed analytics, extensive reporting capabilities, and real time information are all availalbe at your finger tips for total transparency.

We are defined by our performance at ResolveROI and we prove our value every day.

The ResolveROI Difference

While traditional ROI companies are focused on an outdated service model, ResolveROI has revolutionized the industry. With technology that allows for a complete range of options from in-house operation support to total outsourcing, ResolveROI clients have total flexibility in determining the solution that best meets their needs.

ResolveROI technology sets the standard for data security with total audit trail capability, quality control measurements and access management. Healthcare providers need to be confident in the security of their PHI, and ResolveROI leads the way.

Though other ROI companies calculate client revenue on an outdated model, ResolveROI focuses on actual services provided. This results in a significant increase in revenue while ensuring proper objective alignment.